Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Unanticipated Blankie

I have wondered how children choose a blankie or a lovey.  I would have thought that having a child and seeing her every day that I might be able to figure out how they come to love one special token.

Yeah right...

Emma has rotated from one special kitty, to a doll baby, and then another special kitty. I kid with my friends at Pufferbellies Toys and Books, that they must put something akin to catnip for kids on their toys because all 3 special things so far have been from their store.

The new lovey that has totally surprised me is her love of a knitted washcloth. It has never been used as a washcloth. Her Nana knitted it and gave it to her as a doll blankie, but she carries it with her most places and sleeps with it most every night.


So the mystery still stands. 
How does an object become a lovey? 
It's a question that may never be answered.

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