Monday, June 25, 2012

95% of My Life

Before I get too much further into this blogging thing I want to make one thing clear. What you will see on this blog is 5% of my life. So many times I look at someone elses blog and say 'how wonderful their life must be!' But I have to remember a little saying that came to my attention a few months ago... "The grass is greener on the other side, because it is fertilized with bulls$%t" (please excuse the language) But it makes the point like nothing I have ever heard. We spend so much of our time looking at other people and seeing only the possitive when we all know there are negatives and challenges in everone's lives.

I do take the time to do some pretty cool stuff around my house and with Emma, but there are plenty of times when the laundry piles up and the floors are in desperate need of mopping and Emma is camped out in front of the Disney channel or her room is a wreck or the swarms of icky bugs are in the yard so you can't play in the yard.... you get the picture.

So it's a normal life, just so you know... I know.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Cottage Garden

Having a 2 year old inspired me to actually put in a little cottage garden. It started in the area just outside the kitchen porch in 'flower beds' that had been overtaken with the bushes. My husband took the bushes back to almost nothing and I hacked at the dirt and cut through years of the old bushes root systems.

When I say 'hack', I mean that I have this hatchet type garden tool that I use to work up the dirt. I couldn't really till since there are so many roots, but 'the hacking' is good anger management. Mom came and helped with the edging and Emma is happy to just play in the dirt with her little shovel.

It seems that I can't undertake something unless it's going to be a challenge. And I don't tend to do things the traditional way. What fun would that be?

As our little garden grows, I will keep you updated. I can not wait till Emma is picking cherry tomatoes off the vine.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Unanticipated Blankie

I have wondered how children choose a blankie or a lovey.  I would have thought that having a child and seeing her every day that I might be able to figure out how they come to love one special token.

Yeah right...

Emma has rotated from one special kitty, to a doll baby, and then another special kitty. I kid with my friends at Pufferbellies Toys and Books, that they must put something akin to catnip for kids on their toys because all 3 special things so far have been from their store.

The new lovey that has totally surprised me is her love of a knitted washcloth. It has never been used as a washcloth. Her Nana knitted it and gave it to her as a doll blankie, but she carries it with her most places and sleeps with it most every night.


So the mystery still stands. 
How does an object become a lovey? 
It's a question that may never be answered.