Monday, June 18, 2012

My Cottage Garden

Having a 2 year old inspired me to actually put in a little cottage garden. It started in the area just outside the kitchen porch in 'flower beds' that had been overtaken with the bushes. My husband took the bushes back to almost nothing and I hacked at the dirt and cut through years of the old bushes root systems.

When I say 'hack', I mean that I have this hatchet type garden tool that I use to work up the dirt. I couldn't really till since there are so many roots, but 'the hacking' is good anger management. Mom came and helped with the edging and Emma is happy to just play in the dirt with her little shovel.

It seems that I can't undertake something unless it's going to be a challenge. And I don't tend to do things the traditional way. What fun would that be?

As our little garden grows, I will keep you updated. I can not wait till Emma is picking cherry tomatoes off the vine.

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