Monday, July 9, 2012

Planting Tomatoes

Earlier this spring was beautiful. 


Not this sticky oppressive Summer heat that keeps us from wanting us to wander out into our gardens.


Emma and I made the most of those days.

We picked dandelions and made clover crowns. 

And because everyone said we couldn't plant 'out' yet and I had the strong urge to plant SOMETHING... 

...we took to planting seeds in little recycled yogurt cups.

We poked holes in the bottom of the yogurt cups with a granny fork.  Filled them halfway with dirt... then seeds... then a little more dirt.

Watering was a bit tricky since I didn't think to pre-moisten the soil but together we figured out a little slower watering system and made it work.

To be honest these particular plants are still by far the smallest in the garden, but we love them. We gave them their start together. Time will tell if we really get 'fruits' from our labor.  But I'm not sure it matters, the planting was so much fun any fruit will be a bonus.  

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