Saturday, March 22, 2014

Microwaveable Fabric Bowl

We know that this isn't a new pattern, but some of what is out there isn't as easy as we have done it here at the shop. And some of them are too big, although you could make it in almost any size.

The key to this project is 100% Cotton everything!!
When you use cotton batting, cotton fabrics and cotton thread, you do not have to worry about using them in the microwave.

Perfect for the office or at home for that single bowl of soup or the cheese dip bowl!

We like this 10" size, but you could adapt the size use on larger or deeper bowls.

We are already thinking of how many folks we know that need these as gifts.

Stop in the shop sometime and we'll set up a class time if you need it or help you pick out the right materials for you to make one at home. 

You will need:
2 - 10" Squares of 100% cotton fabric
2 - 10" Squares of 100% cotton batting
100% cotton thread

Two 10" Cotton Squares of fabric and Two 10" squares of 100% Cotton Batting.

Sew one cotton batting square to the wrong side one piece of fabric from corner to corner.
Repeat with the other two pieces.

Fold in half with right sides together. Mark for a 1" dart, 3" long.

Sew in darts.

Trim Darts at fold.

Press Darts open to reduce bulk

Using 1/4" seams, sew right sides together leaving open a 3-4" space for turning.

Sewn right sides together showing space left for turning.
Trim corners to help in turning and reduce bulk.

Turned right sides out. Then press.

Sew along all edges (appx 1/8th inch) to close the opening and tack seams down.

Press again, and you have the perfect microwaveable fabric bowl.

Ready to GO!

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